Welcome to Rockit Movement. 
 I’m a Mindful Movement & Meditation Specialist, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA, SCW and GFIT Certified Group Fitness Professional, Certified Active Aging Specialist, Continuing Education Provider, Certified Life Coach, CEO, Founder & Former Owner of Ki Mind Body Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam.
My goal is to empower your life’s potential.


Our body is only as healthy and strong as our mind. We often pay careful attention to our body and create workout strategies, but we hardly spend any time taking care of our minds, emotions and thoughts. I invite you to explore different forms of mind training and self care with me.
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Personal Coaching

What could be the best way for YOU to achieve your goals on your journey to wellness and health?! Let’s explore this together, because, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!
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Group Movement

“Exercise is optional, but Movement is mandatory” I would like to share with you my inspirational approaches towards an integrated, dynamic meaningful life with mindful movement, breath, and boom!
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Yury is quoted repeatedly as an industry expert in numerous internationally selling fitness trade magazines, makes the world a better place with his charity and social outreach to both young and old, and wins awards, like his recent 2016 SCW Presenter of the Year.

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My Message:

“Let’s Move More, Mindfully”
Explanation: Exercise is optional but Movement is mandatory. We move every day regardless of our fitness goals, and I empower others outwardly to maximize their inner potential because the quality of our movement provides us with our physical health and quality of our mind provides us with the life that we are manifesting:

What we think, we empower,
What we empower, we manifest into reality.

I invite you to take responsibility for your mind, make mindful choices for your body and empowering steps towards your spirit. I’m here to amplify your journey towards wellness, providing you with information and skills that will fill it with happiness and success.

My Mission is to provide Fitness & Wellness inspiration for body, mind and spirit in order to amplify our consciousness for creating and manifesting better lives for ourselves and the people around us.
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    Be Yo-ga®: Forms and Flows Course Description: Join Yury for a workshop demonstrating ways to mix non-traditional--yet mindful—music (featuring Beyonce, hence the title) with the practice of various types of Hatha yoga, decreasing the sometimes vast distance between pop (culture) and prana. Some consider Ashtanga-inspired practice too difficult for all or esoteric to others, but Yury will show you ways to incorporate progressions and regressions to make it accessible to all.
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    Spirited ® Yury’s “Spirited” program appears internationally with its appealing easy combination of 20-minute sections of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility sections. Learn to train the body in all of its workout needs in 60 minutes using just bodyweight and non-traditional, inspiring music, designed to train according to the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air.
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    Intro to Meditation: Learn with Yury the background to traditional tenets of Buddhist meditation: from principles to prana to practices. Instead of learning just the theory, we will practice meditation to gain some new pranayama skills and drills you can implement into your own life or use with clients and classes almost immediately for both physiological and psychological benefits for mind and body.


The Movement is Real



Yury Rockit

When I’m not training clients or teaching classes, I take ballet as a way to cross-train, practice yoga, read, volunteer my time working with orphans and children of the street in Hanoi, teaching movement to empower them for posture, strength, and self-confidence.

Meditation 95%

Dedication 100%

Determination 97%

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