My name is Yury Rockit. I was born in a country which no longer exists, the USSR.  Talk about an identity crisis—imagine if the place you were born didn’t exist anymore! … My national identity now—and passport--are considered to be Belarusian (Eastern Europe), which means the “belay” Russia, meaning “white Russia,” next to what is currently mapped as Russia.  

For many years, however, I have been living in Asia (Vietnam and China).   I’ve always been attracted to Asian studies, religions, philosophies, and food, so I moved there in 2007 to start studying Chinese and Vietnamese.

It was difficult at the turn of the century to find schools and certifications in Southeast Asia, but I temporarily moved from Hanoi to Bangkok to prepare for getting ACE and AFAA certified as a personal and group movement specialist.  Subsequently, through conventions, study, and travel, I took teacher trainings and in-depth educational courses in yoga, Pilates, T’ai Chi, and meditation.  I also became a certified Life Coach through an American company, doing online live courses in the middle of the night for me in Asia for months.

In Asia, I started teaching English as a second language, got accustomed to getting around on a motorcycle, and completely changed my nutritional plan based on what was available.

When I first came to the USA, I was privileged enough to take a SCW Philadelphia and Atlanta Mania and got SCW certified in Yoga, Pilates, and other disciplines.     

I have been calling Vietnam home in Hanoi for many years and recently I have relocated to NYC.  There, in Hanoi, I opened my own mindful studio called KI Studio, became a SCW, ACE, AFAA continuing education provider, and fitness model for BOSU and ACE. 

I’m grateful and honored that SCW Boston Mania 2015 marks my first debut in America as a solo presenter.  Many of my sessions are inspired by mind-body disciplines and their fusion. Most of the sessions I’m teaching are barefoot as a part of my message of balance and proprioception training.

One of my signature sessions that I’m teaching is “Spirited®” and it’s an integrated barefoot fusion of strength, cardio and mind body techniques with a mindful component.  We also dance because, when the soul is happy, it is “spirited.”   This session is really about how to give people who only do a specific discipline (ex.yoga) to explore the modes of strength and cardio within a familiar, mindful framework.  If you aren’t accustomed to moving with the beat, join this session and get “Spirited”.

“Spirited Surf” is an aquatic version of my “Spirited” program because I’m also an aquatics instructor.

“Athletes and Asanas” is a perfect class for those who think that yoga may be too easy or too slow, and get more aggressive fitness types into class.   Through an exploration of stability and mobility progressions and regressions of some yoga asanas, we will learn how to cross train with yoga, creating more balance between strength and flexibility.

“Animals and Asanas” integrates popular animal primal patterns with lesser-known animal asanas for an integrated approach to bodyweight, mindful core training for personal trainers and group fitness professionals.

“Be Yo-Ga” is a non-traditional approach to a fusion of the music of Beyonce, influences of ashtanga yoga, and vinyasa flow.  Perfect for the non-traditional mind-body student, this is a non-purist approach to get those who may otherwise never consider yoga into our classes.

“Introduction to Meditation” presents studies I’ve had as a student of Buddhism integrating meditation and pranayama into all aspects of my physical practice.  Whether you meditate or not, you’ll learn some ways to breathe in order calm the mind, enhance the body’s healing parasympathetic nervous system, and just generally increase the overall quality of life.

When I’m not training clients or teaching classes, I take ballet as a way to cross-train, practice yoga, read, volunteer my time working with orphans and children of the street in Hanoi, teaching movement to empower them for posture, strength, and self-confidence.



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Yury exudes versatility for the traditional gym and aquatic environment with trailblazing abilities to teach Cardio-Sculpt, Cycling and “Psych-ling”, Yoga (restorative, Ashtanga, vinyasa, yin), Pilates (mat and props), T’ai Chi, Meditation, & Stress Management, Barefoot Fusion, AND branded Piloxing®, Zumba® and Cardio-Strength-Flexibility Fusion, Aquatic Yoga, Pilates, T’ai Chi Fusion

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