I Teach Creative Programming Including the Following:

Cardio-Sculpt, Cycling and “Psych-ling”, Yoga (restorative, Ashtanga, vinyasa, yin), Pilates (mat and props), T’ai Chi, Meditation, & Stress Management, Barefoot Fusion, and branded Piloxing®, Zumba®

Cardio-Strength-Flexibility Fusion, Aquatic Yoga, Pilates, T’ai Chi Fusion

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Yury's unique Programs

Animals & Asanas

Course Description: Join Yury for a look at different approaches to yoga for group fitness drawing from animal patterns.  We learn some animal quadruped and biped positions as a warm-up and then focus on strength and flexibility using some of our favorite—and new—animal-based asana.  This session also welcomes personal trainers and group instructors with no yoga experience.  Welcome to the zoo!

(Equipment: yoga mats if possible).

Course Type: Mind-Body Movement

Athletes & Asanas

Course Description: Yury will show both group ex instructors and personal trainers how to dimentionalize yoga to attract more athletic types to training for a two part experience featuring working out (strength-based yoga) and working in (flexibility-based yoga).  With these two main goals of improving strength and flexibility, you will learn how to choose asana to complement athletic performance, augment athletic body awareness to help prevent injury, and aid recovery and rejuvenation through restoration.

Course Type: Mind-Body Movement

Be Yo-ga®: Forms and Flows

Course Description: Join Yury for a workshop demonstrating ways to mix non-traditional--yet mindful—music (featuring Beyonce, hence the title) with the practice of various types of Hatha yoga, decreasing the sometimes vast distance between pop (culture) and prana.  Some consider Ashtanga-inspired practice too difficult for all or esoteric to others, but Yury will show you ways to incorporate progressions and regressions to make it accessible to all.

Course Type: Mind-Body Movement

Cardio Confetti

Course Description: With all the approaches to cardiovascular training today, group ex instructors have a wide variety of choices for creating classes.  Instead of following just one approach, Yury will lead you through a buffet of many innovative ways to achieve the same goal: make our hearts stronger for its cardioprotective benefits.  You will instantly abandon your sense of boredom with class ideas Yury has been sharing with his clients in Asia for years.  (Equipment: yoga mats if possible).

Course Type: Cardiovascular Dance-Based Workshop

Spirited ®

Course Description: Yury’s “Spirited” program appears internationally with its appealing easy combination of 20-minute sections of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility sections.  Learn to train the body in all of its workout needs in 60 minutes using just bodyweight and non-traditional, inspiring music, designed to train according to the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air.

(Equipment: yoga mats if possible)

Course Type: Mind-Body Movement



Spirited Surf ®

Course Description: The aquatic version of Yury's land-based workshop, “Spirited®” offers you 20-minute sections of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility sections for shallow aquatic training.  Learn to train the body in all of its workout needs in 60 minutes taking advantage of our discussion of the physical and metaphysical vibrational qualities of water itself.   (Equipment: gloves if possible but not necessary)

Course Type: Aqua Movement



Intro to Meditation:

Course Description: Learn with Yury the background to traditional tenets of Buddhist meditation: from principles to prana to practices.  Instead of learning just the theory, we will practice meditation to gain some new pranayama skills and drills you can implement into your own life or use with clients and classes almost immediately for both physiological and psychological benefits for mind and body.   

(Equipment: dataport projector, screen)

Spirited Self-Care

Course Description: Taking care of the body involves a fine-tuning of the muscles and mind.  Join Yury for an exploration of how to be in-spired in various ways as personal trainers, group ex instructors, and fitness consumers with the goal of tuning-up the body for a fresh feeling in mind and body.  (Equipment: yoga mats if possible)

Spirited Tune-Up: Toes to Nose

Join Yury for an indepth look at self-care as we put attention to our breath, brains, and bodies.  Starting with the intrinsic muscles of the feet that carry us through our lives, we will learn some movements from rehabilitation that help reprogram one of the most common threads among all mindful modalities, our bare feet.  Then we will learn small adjustments to several other body parts including hips & shoulders, some organs, and meridians.  Finally we will experience rejuvenating, powerful uses of prana (breathwork) to realign our sense of self.  We will finish with unique meditation approaches to help fitness professionals and clients alike feel like they’ve had a “tune-up” on many levels.  (Equipment: none).

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DEC 2016:
MC/Host for Halong Bay Heritage Marathon, Halong Bay, Vietnam
NOV 2016:
MC/Host and supporting sponsor for Breast Cancer Awareness Zumbathon Charity, Hanoi, Vietnam
SEP 2016:
SCW Presenter of the Year,
MAR 2015:
TV News Manila, Philippines News Story covering Yury’s volunteering: work with children’s Ayala Foundation Cancer Fitness Marathon
MAR 2015:
Ayala Foundation and Gold’s Gym Charity Event, Manila, Philippines.
OCT 2013:
AFC Award Winner Fitness Idol Bangkok:

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